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The Floating Stair Design Residence Corridor Design Contemporary House With Minimalistic Design

Fascinating Gallery-style House Sports Modernity in Neighborhood

House, for which its function serves as painting studio, needs to be designed in well manner, especially for the so-called gallery-style house. Surely it can be said that this house is specially built for those who have high sense of art, such as artist or painter. Meanwhile, this particular house shows inviting open rooms, which mean that it has many large sized windows as their front side, facing streets. This…

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Design Modern Studio Apartment Use Bright And Perfect Light Color Modern Interior Lighting

Wonderful Apartment Room Idea Sports Minimalism

Never lose the chance to make all of your house types be amazing with the right design. Whatever your house is, whether it is small house, apartment room, or even studio place, you always can design those according to your taste. The apartment is special space because it does not have too much to décor, just by placing some decorative items you can make it looks good. What more important…

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Stunning Waterftont House Interior With Wood Fireplace And Wooden Ceiling

Incredible Rustic Ideas in Lakewood house

If you would like to get the rustic house design, you may take a look on Lakewood house that has the contemporary residence design. It has the best rustic design. It was planned to decorate in 2008. It has the pretty design with the wonderful property design as well. The design interior is mostly applied with the natural wood model that would make the best approach with the contemporary idea….

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Stunning Green Landscape With Stone Cladding And Green Grass

Stunning Moment at House in garden

Nowadays, people are interested to enjoy the House in garden with the natural architect. It has the minimalist concept with the natural view that would become one of the most amazing solutions to get relax all the way. It is one of the Texas Based decorations of the house. You would get the best design with the modern decoration that would become one of the most elegant decorations for everyone…

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Beautiful British Inspired Rackspace Office Design With British Bus Wall Decals

Stunning Red Office to Raise Passion

No one can deny that the color red is the color of passion, especially when it’s applied to a red office. It doesn’t mean that all furniture elements have to be red. The main thing is to give red nuance in the spaces. For an office, the atmosphere should be available in the first public place, which is reception space. You can choose whether the receptionist desk or the background…

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Unique Garden Design With Plant Statue

Mesmerizing Ornamental Garden with Lush Vegetation

When you are visiting Cornwall maybe it is also time to visiting ornamental garden of the Lost Gardens of Heligan. This national heritage garden has been established more than 400 years ago by Tremayne family. The family is fond with plantation and not only just a regular garden but beautiful gardens with many inspirations from various regions. You can see in these beautiful photos of ornamental garden design that it…

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Contemporary Office With Red Accent For Dynamic Office Design

Elegant Transparent Office with Lavish Environment

Deciding to move into this transparent office is a great idea. Located in a whole new building with 217,500 square feet areas that consist of six floor building is something that is really great to do. The office incorporates all the division under one roof which make more connected and efficient to collaborate together. When entering this transparent office design you will be amazed by the dazzling red stairs in…

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Modern Small Work Space Design In Living Room Area

Marvelous Efficient Workstation in a Small Space

For some people, it is a dream to work from home in an efficient workstation. The station need to be efficient because most of the time, house is a place to gather with family while office is a place away from house. But in fact, combining both places in a place is a choice for some persons. The important thing is that the workstation will not pull the entire works…

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Unique Sink Design For Minimalist Bathroom

Mesmerizing Modern Design Ideas to Keep You Inspired

Have you ever considering other themes than modern design? Then you are not the only one who thinks that there are still various design themes available outside. For some people when they try implementing one design, whatever it is, they often do it exaggeratedly or just too much, the same goes for this modern theme as well. People will place many shining metallic items as they strive for giving best…

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