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Exposed Wooden Truss And White Minimalist Modern Kitchen

Elegant White Apartment in Sweden

Living in a good place always brings good impact to our life. A good example of a good place for living is represented in an elegant apartment built in Sweden. The design of this contemporary white apartment will really inspire you about a good place for living. The Exterior An elegant apartment in Sweden has very artistic exterior. The exterior is developed well to make the owner experience good and…

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Courtyard Green Grass Brick Fence Green Environtment Heritage House Design

Minimalist Wooden Details as Your Home Inspiration

Who does not like wooden details in the house? Wooden material can bring the natural nuance. Besides, wooden material can give calm and ‘cold’ nuance to the room. You may feel the same about the existence of wooden material within you house. When you plan to build a new house, you may consider this in your home. Look at the picture of this house! You can adapt this house design…

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Tulip Table Design With A Setting That Is All About Tulips

Tulip Table Design: Legendary Table for Modern Style Space Design

There are some legendary table designs that you can find until now and one of them is this tulip table design. Table is one of the most important furniture in our space and therefore we have to find a perfect table design for our space and this amazing tulip table design is one of the table designs that you can use for your space design. This stunning tulip table design…

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Beautiful Floor Cushions In Outdoor Patio Decor

Floor Pillow Design as Additional Stuff for Your Space Design

Well, there are a lot of new designs that appear in this modern era and one of them is this floor pillow design. The initial use of pillow has been change in various occasions and one of them is representing by this lovely floor pillow design. Not like any pillow, this beautiful floor pillow design is use for “enjoyment” purposes and just like its name, this incredible floor pillow design…

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Patio Fireplace With Rustic Wood Flooring And Glass Windows

Awesome Decoration on Villa Nilsoon

A wonderful villa that is located in Southern part of Swedish is called as Villa Nilsoon. It has the best interior design with the airy space. It provides the natural view because it has the best sightseeing all the way. You can see also the strait that is separating the area of each side in the Swedish area. You may enjoy the decoration of the indoor and also outdoor area…

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Open Room Design With Garden Green View

Studio Velocity’s Forest House

Have you ever imagined having an idyllic forest house in the city? Well, now you can since Studio Velocity has developed a gorgeous modern forest home in the city surrounded by natural vegetation just like a forest. The house does not look like a regular house located in the busy city. The forest house by Studio Velocity is simply different, both in the concept and in the design. Forest House’s…

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Barcelona Daybed In Compact Apartment Interior Decor

Mild Barcelona Furniture in Neutral Colour

Besides Paris, Barcelona is an example of romantic and exotic city that delivering chic attitude then Barcelona furniture cannot be resist for gaining modern ambience at residence. Avoiding cold atmosphere combined this stuff with friendly or natural furniture accent for example applying white painted wall from the bay window to roof ceiling. Look at some photos that picturing how contemporary ones blend with natural atmosphere in Barcelona style. In living…

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Natural Ventilation Is Good For Positive Chi Confortable Bedroom Concept

How to Create a Home Full of Harmony with Feng Shui Tips

Feng shui is not only a part of Chinese culture at this point of time. Instead, it is also the one that is used in making modern interior design better. One reason why this culture is now also used in modern interior design is that it is actually something that can help you to create a more harmonious home that is of course a better place for you to live…

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Vintage Room Design With Voyage Theme Suitcase Table Decor

Stunning Approach on Vintage Room

The trend of installing vintage room is famous nowadays. People are interested to use this decoration because it has the comfortable design with the wonderful approach. You would get the best sense of vintage design here with the minimalist creativity. You would be able to see the creative type of decoration with the best inspiration from America. The luxurious design is seen with the decorative object planning that would make…

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Departamento Polanco Red Corridor Enterence Of Modern Apartment

Rich Tones Decorated Apartment by López Duplan Arquitectos

A gorgeous apartment located in Polanco, México City can be a good inspiration for everyone who expects to have a great house with rich and passionate red interior concept. This unique house is actually designed by López Duplan Arquitectos. Departamento Polanco is the name given to this vibrant apartment located in México. The Uniqueness of Departamento Polanco As a matter of fact, DepartamentoPolanco of LópezDuplanArquitectos is an apartment which is…

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