A Minimalist Interior in an Elegant Austrian Home with Lovely Lake View

Streetview Of The Lakshouse In Austria Modern House Among The Green Lake Vegetation

Spado Architects has decorated a lakeside house with the sparkling structure where you can see many elegance as well as contemporary flair in a lake house design. This lakeside house also has a beautiful house design with its stunning back view in Carinthia, Austria that will allow you to escape from the big city rush and transport you the beautiful natural abode. It is so interesting and refreshing. This lakeside house has a chic modern minimalist concept even it has a green surrounding and the tranquil lake next to it.

Three-floor Building

This lakeside house has a three story house design with its three brand new floors. The new extension of the floor is draped luxuriously in glass. The people inside the house can enjoy the outstanding lake view all the times with the large floor-to-ceiling glass windows that make up a significant portion of this natural lake house. The street façade of this house offers the more privacy for the people in its house from any snooping eyes, so that the owner of the house can feel more relax and free without being spied by strangers. This house also has a distinct visual appeal with the translucent white glass panels that cover all of the structure that facing the lake. However, this has something that may appear unfavorable in the northwards but it will become so obvious in summer. So, there is no need to install any shades in order not to get over-heated.

Perfect Combination of Contemporary and Natural Concept

The lake house ideas also add the extension sports in the living area, dining space, a sleek contemporary kitchen and in its luxurious bedrooms along with the modern bathroom outlays. With its color palette that uses natural theme, beautiful lighting and its décor, this lakeside house is very match with the outside views and also with its appealing interior. This house has a perfect combination of contemporary design and jaw dropping natural setting, so it becomes a very beautiful living place.

View Of The Lakehouse Awesome House Retreat Design In Austria

Beautifully Landscaped Outdoors House With Awesome Terrace View

Contemporary Bathroom In White Interior Design Ideas

Design Allows Ample Lake Views With Large Glass Windows Facing The Lake

Entrance To The Lakehouse On The Second Floor With Concrete Floor Desin

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