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Amazing Site Cambodia Wooden Deck To The Floating Villa Cambodian Private Island Resort

A Luxury Destination is every couple needs to spend their time together. Have you ever think about that? Of course, yes. The time which spends together is a nice moment. They can have more intimacy and doing many activities for two of them. It is every couple dream to go to somewhere where they can feel like the world is only for the two of them. Here we go.

Look at the picture. It is one example of luxurious places in the world where many couples really want to be here. It is in Song Saa Private Island. This Island is really wonderful with its scenery and houses design. In the first picture, we can see how the water inside the swimming pool looks fusing with the sea water. Right in the corner of the left side from the swimming pool, you can see the sunset come down from the ski to the back of the mountains. The swimming pools itself has a curved shaped with two white sofas in the circle shapes. The floor is made from wood and the whole wall of the villa is also made from wood. It is really a wonderful Luxurious destination for Couple.

From a distance, the villas have more than one set of houses and they are placed over the sea water. It is the best place to enjoy such a beautiful evening while you can feel so relax because the situation supports you. There is no noise, and it is quite enough for you to have a meditation. In the tenth picture, there is a comfortable bed in white color and in front of it there is a sofa in white color. The floor, door and windows are made from wood. In addition, there is a big picture hang on the stone wall in the left side of the bed.

This place is really recommended for your sweethearts to have unforgettable memory with you. Nice and beautiful places will be a suitable place for you to have a honey moon also. Luxury Destination for Satisfaction is here in the Island.

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Exotic Details Lounge Room With Floor To Ceiling Glass Window And Awesome Tropical Beach Scenery

Beautiful Terracewith Exotic Root Roofing Ideas And Stunning Beach View

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