Amazing Office Design with Adjusting the Factory Environment

Cencrete Glass And Modern Office Furniture For Modern Funoffice Decor Of Horizon Media Office

Speaking of creating office design that will enhance the productivity is something that should be taking care importantly. Office that is filled with people should be very comfortable to stay since the worker will spend at least 8 hours inside the office back and forth. In this used to be printing factory, the office interior design is made to intensify the purity of the surrounding by having concrete pillars exposed and exposed ceiling with all the pipes and installation ceiling.

The office design ideas are to enhancing the worker productivity and creativity. That is why the use of nature material such as wood is very important to use. Contemporary office designs with the wooden contemporary furniture are looks dynamic and in the same time very functional. To add the comfort of this furniture orange and white pads are place on it. The contemporary furniture is used for the leisure area where you can laze around and finding the right topic for your writing. The open office space allows you to freely looking at the office surrounding.

The office is painted in white to give spacious and clean appearance. The wooden structure is not only used for the sofa, but you also can find the wooden ceiling in one of the meeting room. It helps soothing the industrial appearance in this office. The placing of cactus plants decor inside this office also enhances the nature appearance and brings the green inside. The office meeting room itself is design with huge functionality as you can see in this photo.

As it mentioned above that this building is used to be a printing factory, you can see the steel work and the metal pipes are hanged around the corner. In one side it preserving the building nature and in the same time it gives vintage appearance to this amazing office design ideas that you will love.

Contemporary Office Design Horizon Media Office

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