Amazing Office Garden Bring the Unusual Greenery inside Your Office

Creative Eco Frienly Wall Design For Green Office Ideas

To bring the fresh atmosphere, it is to great idea to bring in office garden. Living and work in the city sometimes you will be surrounded by office building and at one time your eyes will be craving for something green and fresh. That is why it is very important to create a garden in the office.

Not just a garden but an office garden design which going to make the office looks mesmerizing. On the office patio you can create outdoor lounge which surrounded by green walls. It will make a good spot for the workers to take refreshing near the office. If you did not take a careful look, you might go to miss the door that is placed between the vertical gardens. Planted the greenery along the stair wall will enhance the fresh outdoor atmosphere.

When people are crazy about having outdoor garden in the office, then you should not left out the indoor garden. In this modern office, you can place the garden decor and make the whole different office environment. The green plants that you choose can be many types of plants such as ferns, foliage, croton, and bushes types. In the restaurant the placing of vertical garden as part of restaurant decor is very beautiful and enhances the natural appearance inside the building. From the building entrance you can see the vertical garden on the living corridor and company any guest that need to wait there. It is also available to the garden lounge and the garden waiting room.

For distinct appearance having garden display for clothing is something extraordinary. It is really a fresh idea to be. You can place the green garden inside the bathroom too. The presence of vertical garden that is placed as garden wall will enhance the fresh atmosphere inside the bathroom. Locate the garden wall next to the facing mirror and it will look wider. When interested in office garden design ideas there are photos in gallery below that might appealing for you.

Creative Box Funiture And Plants Pot

Awesome Ceiling Linghting And Under Sofa Neon Lighting

Green Plants Wall Decor With Neon Words

Green Toilet Entry With Green Wall Decor

Green Plants For Wall Office Interior

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