Apartment Design with Smart Plan in 30 Square Meters Only

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Let us see the masterpiece apartment design by BEP Architects that has a clever multi-uses area in 30 square meters only. Although it is not too spacious for your home living, but you should see, first this multi-uses apartment that shows you how smart the architect is. The main concept of this apartment is being an apartment that built as an intimate and family living space. Now, let us see the interior design of this apartment.

What do you thinking about multi-uses apartment design? Maybe you are thinking that multi-uses apartment is a small size apartment with efficient room space function. Now let us see how efficient the apartment that designed by BEP Architects is. You can see a small living space consists of living room, bedroom, kitchen room, and the bathroom. Do not ever think that you will see a door between those rooms because there is no room separator between the bedroom, living room, and kitchen room.

You can see a small living room with flat screen television hanging on the wall. You can see grey sofa and wool carpet on the floors. Right below the television, you can see wooden writing desk with wooden sliding racks. There is one plastic chair in modern design in front of the writing desk. Right behind the sofa in the living room, you can find a king size bed. On the left side of the writing desk, you can see glass desk with two plastic chairs.

On the left side or on the threshold area, you can find washroom and the kitchen room. You can find two-doors refrigerator right next the glass desk. In front of the refrigerator, you can find modern kitchen stove in metal material. If you are living here, then you know how efficient the apartment is. BEP Architects show you a real multi-uses apartment idea that gives you a smart living concept in a small area.

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