Astonishing Container Office Bring Unusual Form into Functionality

Contemporary Eco Friendly Office Using Containers

When you are looking for earthquake prone office building, maybe this container office is the perfect answer. At first it was built in Gifu, Japan where earthquakes strike now and then and that is why they will need an office that will not fall for them as concrete material would have done. Container is chosen for the light but sturdy material to adequate with the earthquake matters.

Located in the side of the main road, the container office design is looking striking among other regular office building. This beautiful container office has three levels without attaching with any construction underground which makes it has minimum impacts when earthquake strikes. The stability and sturdiness is gained from the large steel grid that you can see in the photos and covering the entire structure. If you look closer you can see that the containers is added slanted metal ground which allow it to stand but in the same time if earthquake strikes it will hold the dynamic action.

Between the levels is connected by outdoor white stairs which looks floating in the air. To secure the edge of the container and make people easier to back and forth a secure elastic fence is made and place on the edge of the deck. The container office interior design is very simple and practical and it is design as purposive as possible. To ensure that natural lighting is entering this container office each ends of the container is left open and replace by glass windows.

To create homey and minimalist atmosphere you can replace the cold container floor and change it into wooden flooring. Once you entering this dazzling container office you will not notice that it is located inside the container since it really looks like just in another apartment. You can have minimalist kitchen inside with open shelves, single stove and also kitchen sinks. The simplicity shows from the modern appearance of the modern furniture and the open shelves along the walls. This container office design ideas is surely one way out to adequate with earthquake prone area.

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