Astonishing Living Room Ideas Showing Beauty House

Beautiful Paintings And Lovely Furniture Design For Artistic Living Room Decor

As one of most important rooms in a house, living room needs to be designed in style. For example, combine the traditional and contemporary approach in order to make mesmerizing effect. The combination shown is simple, practical, and certainly inspiring. Take a look at this large living room which has burnt red tiles for floor and paired with white ceiling and walls. Intriguing lampshades are hung to light the room. Light grey sofa beds also placed in style, together with brown leather armchair.

Meanwhile, at the corner of this living room design, placed in style is black tulip table with decorating elements on top, for instance reading books, wine bottles, and of course vase of flower. Next to table is patterned cushion for armchair and small stool in elephant shape. Unique lamp is installed on the wall to give light down to table. Wall near this area is also garnished by urban themed painting.

In the middle of this living room, placed black granite stone table which is shiny and looking glamorous. Greeneries are also placed on top in order to give refreshing sensation and add more accent colors. The living room is equipped with large sized windows in white wooden frames. Hang simple long curtain in burgundy color and made from thin clothes, even looks like transparent ones. Aside from granite table, provide small circle tables near sofas or chairs so there are more spaces to place decorative items.

On the other side of living room, instead of making ordinary book racks, try installing one which is in form of ladder. This ladder is made from furnished woods and decorated with elegant black bird toys. Place book collections from upper level to lower one. Living room design decor is always about traditional style meets modern touch, and also astonishing effect.

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