Attractive White Furniture Designed by Studio 65

Compact Outdoor Furniture Design

Today, there are various styles for adopting chic style for patio area; one of iconic design is white furniture since white palette is the first tempting shade for providing everlasting concept. Everlasting value must be helpful especially for people with low intention to redecorate any stuff at their residence. White is also great to welcome new creation in daily activity since people will feel easier to looking for and finding innovative idea while they stay in pure and natural site.

Here is a review about sophisticated white furniture set with some cute details. The first thing you have to consider for this white furniture pieces that it has three major parts. The first part is called Capitello as stylish lounge intend to design for outdoor space. However, people can be located this item at indoor space since they has proper space, not the small one though because it consumed space. Classics French sculpture becomes the detail for the upper part while it’s not only proper for sit but also for lay down your back. As indoor furniture, it must be nice to see in public space such as living room because it should be great pleasure for the guests to give a try with this thing.

The second or middle part is Attica that having round shape completed by monochrome chess board velvet pillow. White serration seating structure should be unique even for glance look while bold wave structure can make people feel speechless since this part exactly delivering modest ambience.

Then, the third or bottom one is widely called Attica TL. This part is specially made as table where it has glass counter top. All of the parts can be compiled as one stack of structure. This must be good idea to considering white furniture pieces inspiration especially for urban person whom sometimes need to moving out the city.

The Table With Compact Design

The White Chaise With Unique Shape

Unique French Lounge Chair By Capitello

Unique Furniture Design By Capitello Original Chair Desin

Capitello Modern Chair With Ionic Column Literally Broken Down

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