Australian Suburb’s Small House Design

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Domenic Alvaro, a house designer, has successfully designed and built a small house which matches to the condition of suburb area in Surry Hills, New South Wales, Australia. As a matter of fact, Surry Hills is a busy and crowded area which leaves only small spaces for each inhabitant to have a house. Considering this condition, Alvaro tried to design a minimalist five story residence which can accommodate the whole needs of suburb’s inhabitant.

How Domenic Alvaro’s Small House Design Looks Like

Building a house in suburb area is not easy. It requires creative suburb house design idea and accurate measurement. However, Domenic Alvaro has proven that a suburb area can be a perfect place for living. It can be seen at his five-floor suburb house which was awarded the World House of the Year in 2011. Basically, Alvaro’s small house in Sidney, Australia employs small house design which focuses on how to make the whole levels beneficial for the owner. The first level is used as the garage, the second level is used as the bedroom and restroom, the third level is used as kitchen, the fourth level is used as living room, and the upper level is used as lounge with beautiful rooftop landscape.

Suburb’s Interior Home Décor

Concerning about the interior design, Domenic Alvaro employs some unique but modern home décor and furniture. The combination of earthy colors with modern black and white colors makes the home interior look extraordinary but comfortable. Wooden cabinets, white colored kitchen set, and unique modern black living sofa are some of this house’s signatures. Alvaro is very creative in combining and playing the colors and material combination. Besides, floating stair design in black is chosen as perfect decoration which connects each level. The application of floating stair does not make the home interior crowded. Otherwise, it makes the interior look very cozy, tidy, and stylish. Domenic Alvaro’s small house design in Sidney is inspired by Tokyo’s architects’ house designs. Tokyo’s architects are very famous of their ability to design perfect houses in small spaces.

Second Floor Plan

Small House Layout Design

Small House Section

Small House The World House Of The Year At The Prestigious 2011 World Architectural Festival Award

Small House Wooden Stair Design

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