Beautiful Balinese villa: A Nuance of Paradise

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A Balinese Villa is really beautiful like paradise for many people who have visited it. The paradise is from the scenery of the design architecture of Balinese combined with beautiful places and scenery of beach, rice fields, and forest. Bali is really famous with the beautiful of the beaches because there are so many beautiful beaches surround Bali Island. The island is located in Indonesia. Many people starts from ordinary people, famous artist, even presidents have visited Bali.

Here, we have some pictures about the beautiful villas in Bali. One of them is Balinese Villa in beach which is located in the east of Bali. The name is Jasri beach villa. The villa is beautiful combined with the Balinese design which is really cultural. In the first picture we can see, the contemporary design of the pool fool which is called as sarung bali patterns. It looks like patterns white and black in the chaquer.

In this villa, there are some rooms with its facilities such as dining room, which shows the scenery of the beach, billiard table, little bar, and the most important is the comfort bedroom with Balinese unique decoration. In the picture we can see how the bedroom is being decorated and arrange. Simple in white color, the bedroom is covered with white bed cover in blue and grey border for the blanket. There is a curtain in white color surround the bed. It is really elegant and creating intimacy for young couple. There is no window or glasses surround the bedroom, therefore the curtains has function to close the bed in the evening.

With the unique contemporary design of Balinese, this place creates a new nuance of romantic, traditional, elegant and classic in one way. People who have ever lived in this villa will never forget about the nuance that they got. Balinese Villa Architecture brings new innovation to the world’s architecture of houses.

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