Beautiful House in Paradise

Cool Bedroom Design With Concrete Wall And Floor To Ceiling Window And Wooden Furnishing

Having House in Paradise is not only in a dream. Nowadays, people create their own Paradise to build their house. Paradise here means a house located in a hill that has beautiful scenery with Mediterranean Sea if it is seen from the house. Having beautiful scenery like sea, or lake is everyone’s dream. Many people are now living in a house with building everywhere. Even the beautiful scenery is being covered with these high buildings.

Here we have some pictures about the beautiful scenery in the Mediterranean Sea that you can enjoy from your living room. It is located in cliff top, region of Provence and in surrounded by Mediterranean border. In the front side of the house, the house has side spacious terrace and swimming pool while the place is still surrounded by green plants and grass. House in paradise ideas brings natural nuance and far from the crowd.

Inside the house, there is a long shaft with wooden canopy in bright brown color. In the living room, you can see the beautiful of Mediterranean sea in front of the big windows that surrounded the living room. When you come inside, there are two wooden chairs and sofas. The place is so large therefore it can be fulfilled by more than 20 people. It is an exact place to have a party with you friends.

The kitchen is placed in the left side near living room. All of the kitchen stuffs and cabinet are made from wooden materials which has the same color with the canopy. The balcony is the most favorite part of this house. In this place, you can see clearly the blue ocean of Mediterranean surrounded by green plants. Especially when you swim in the swimming pool, you will enjoy the sea. House in paradise design is really bringing you a Paradise.

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