Beautiful Modern House with Arch Expression; Integrating Contour as Part of Design

Architecture Project Arc House By  Maziar Behrooz Architecture Modern Unique House Design In East Hampton New York

This unique modern house seems to stand out from its surrounding. Arch expression put this house into a gorgeous exterior performance. This modern living space is designed by Maziar Behrooz Architecture studio, located in East Hampton, New York, USA. It’s unique, modern appearance influenced by surrounding site, of local airport and train track. Sloppy terrain encourages the designer to create it as two storey building, with comprehended approach to utilize sloppy terrain to conceal the lower part of building. The arch wrapped by metal cladding, provides intimate space and attractive shape, with radius of 39’ and ceiling height of 16.

Adapting building into sloppy contour of existing with multi storey approach, turn the building into well-organized integration between handmade aspect and existing landscape. Exterior performance of modern residence, exploits every view from lush surrounding, by applying large size of opening. Material used in exterior, combined perfectly, by serving hard texture on exterior while the landscape refines it harmoniously. Many modern house designs using this approach as the landscape give good refinement for massive building appearance. In addition, this building integrates open space as patio design, connected into surrounding both visually and directly. Massive exterior with concrete texture left as it is with large glass opening, while green landscape design, well organized and refines it. It’s such gorgeous and beautiful combination.

Curvy exterior influence interior as well. The ceiling designed to follow the curve made by arch, to exploit this unique appearance, designer put glass material as partition rather than massive wall to accentuate the shape clearly. This curvy orientation gives good refinement for modular object in interior. The floor is made of parquets with dark brown color, while all interior furniture goes with this geometric form, and we can conclude that this interior theme is minimalism. One of interesting parts of interior is the stairs. Stairs is beautifully designed integrating exposed hard texture of concrete, with classy texture of wood and repetitive pattern of wire as its support. For several contemporary house plans, don’t include texture concrete much, but if the design can adapt it and exposed it well, the result is astounding.

This modern house is a masterwork of modern architecture, and we can say it also take part of post modernism aspect, as the design, reflect surrounding existing as its part process.

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