Beautiful Modern Three Storey Home in Cincinnati, Ohio

Beautiful Three Story House Design With Green Vegetation Environtment In Cincinnati Ohio

These beautiful three storeys home designed by Keller Studio, by the name of Keller Kimbrew Residence, in Cincinnati, Ohio. Modern architecture concept is obviously visible for its geometric expression on exterior performance, simple and clear enough as it doesn’t mix several form, just rectangular shape. To decorate this simple form of exterior, the designer play with composition of opening and massive skin, thus reduce monotonic and conventional impression. Exterior cladding colored in blue, with several windows reflecting their surrounding, in additional, the designer complete exterior performance with lamp that add subtle yet beautiful lighting. By this distinct color, the building stands out from its lush green surrounding, and clearly accentuate contrast integration of manmade and natural made.

This three storey home design put its interior into modern minimalism concept. For living room, all paintings and window arrangements with flat TV comes with modular shape, hence the designer put the couches in half circular shape, to refine and balance the composition. Indoor plant with red vases and cushion blend into white background and brown flooring elegantly as minor accent. The stairs in dark tone on surface complete with dark brown texture of parquets. Simple yet gorgeous railing, combined from conventional shape and glass material, while the railing itself is wrapped by wood on the surface. Kitchen and dining room is rich with combination of brown and white. Wood accent from dining table, parquets and cabinets, comes into equal proportion with white expression from background, storage and rug.

Bathroom for this three storey home comes with touch of modernity, with little touch of wood expression. Glass door and partition wrap shower room and give us throughout vision to its wall texture. While this bathroom is small and lengthwise oriented, minimalism concept put the bathroom into perfect function and appearance. Glass window provide natural view from surrounding, avoid narrow impression for this room.

From various examples of 3 story house, minimalism concept is rarely used, as it already provides many room and space for function, yet this Keller Kimbrew Residence, integrate it elegantly.

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Beautiful 3 Story House Design In Ohio With Lush Vegetation Surrounding

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