Beautiful Paint Bedroom for Your Family

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A paint bedroom, have you ever see it? It is a winter time. People start thinking to remodel and have a new decoration for their room so that they will not get bored. Here we have some references on a beautiful painting for your bedroom. The paintings are actually wonderful and you will not miss one of them. Here we go.

Look at in the picture. In the first picture you can see the room is dominated with white color. The curtains, the bed cover, the wall, the ceiling, the rack, and the lamps are in white color but when you see the wall in the top side of the bed is dominated with green color and the paintings are abstract natural paintings. First time you will see the paintings, it looks like paintings of ornamental plants but the shapes are irregular and abstract. It uses white and green color combination with black color in the center part of the painting. Those are more paint bedroom designs will be discussed here.

Ornamental plants painting are very popular and mostly used in many bedrooms because plants decoration will give fresh nuance and it can creates comfort to people who stay in the room. Look at the third picture. The wall is painted in plain green color while the curtains and the sofas has ornamental plants pattern dominated in white and green color. This color is very suitable combined with brown wooden floor. Brown wooden floor is a very suitable materials and color combines with many paint colors.

Designing your bedroom can be a very good idea and excited moment because here you can express your ideas that you can share. To make a room looks natural and fresh nuance; you can use green furniture such as the lamp stand or the book rack. A painting about simple mount and forest will also beautify your room. Paint Bedroom design ideas like this will enrich your creativity in designing your lovely bedroom.

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