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Artsy Interior Beautiful Interior Design With Marble Floor And White Interior

A Unique House does not means that the house is located in unique places or inside the juggle, or made by woods, or has a design like kingdom in a fairy tale. Unique house can also be designed in the unique space which does not have any normal space like square. For many people who have a house with a rectangle shape, they will feel very confuse how to design their house because they do not have too much space in the left or right side, but has much space to the back.

Here, we have some pictures on how the house its rectangle shapes can be designed. First of all, you have to know that the door in your house does not need to be parallel and facing right to front. In the picture, you can see that the door of the house is heeling over left. The house is in white colors from the outside, but the door is in red color. Unique House Shapes can be one reason for you to create creativity in designing your house.

When we enter the house, the door is open but still hanging in the center. So that people can either come in or come out at the same time, from the same door, but in the different part. When you were in, there are big windows, and stairs in front of it. The floor is in white color with simple pattern in cream color. In the second floor, you will be greeted by a bookshelf and in the left side; there is a balcony for you to have a sit while enjoying the beautiful afternoon scenery. The table in the balcony has around shapes like in a cafe, and two chairs in black color.

When you come inside after you sit outside the balcony, in the left side you will come into very comfortable living room. There is a big sofa in grey color and a big LCD TV. Because the house is in the rectangle shapes, it is beneficial because you will have large space in one room. In one room, there is living room, dining room, and the kitchen. On the other hand, the view is still comfortable and feels so large. Unique house design like this can be your solution to have nice and large place.

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