Best Nature Approach on Douceur House

Awesome Garden With Stone And Bush Plant

The concept proposed by Douceur House is one of the coziest concepts of the house decorations that rest on the simple outdoor creation. It has the best design of the architect with the two bedrooms areas within the house. The decoration is made with the outdoor landscape model that is trying to combine the ecological and also minimalist design with the extensive landscape all the way. It is combined with the rural setting of the house. The construction is made from the wood, compound walls, and also the comfort tiles.

Look at the decorations of Douceur House. The cozy Douceur House architect has the best approach with the cured garden decoration. The entrance area is designed with the combination of the pebbles and also the boulders that would make the strong touch of the decoration as well. You can also have the service area within the house that can be accessed from the kitchen area. It has the tropical shades with the green landscape design.

In term of the landscape, it uses the combination of the colorful planning with the proportion of the scale that is soft. It has the aim in order to provide the natural sense and also effect on the house. You can also insert the water element here in the garden area since this house believes on tradition of Chinese about Zen which means balance by water. It shows about the symbol of purity and also the fresh design for the whole house.

To make it look great, the podiums are inserted here. It is somehow great because it can make the entrance area of the house looks incredible. It can make the perfect landscape with the uncommon decoration. The garden area has the green landscape approach with the desert vegetation as well. It is the great way to maintain the fresh and natural design of the house. You can have a very cozy home with the approach applied by cozy Douceur House architect all the way.

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