Brazil Minimalist GT House by Guilherme Torres

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Modern and minimalist house design is much demanded nowadays. People are impressed with the concept and the design. Minimalist house simply does not require many accessories and decoration. In fact, a small studio house does not need large area for the building itself. This concept really matches to the concept of metropolitan houses.

Guilherme Torres’s Studio House

A GT house by Guilherme Torres is an example of perfect small house designed in studio concept. This house is stylish and minimalist. Located in the northern region of Parana, Brazil makes this GT house gets much interference from the modern life of Brazilian citizens. As a matter of fact, Torres’ GT house applies a unique small house design in which both exterior and interior feature industrial theme. It can be seen directly at the design of the exterior wall which is painted black and shaped in industrial curve and at the design of the interior which is using black and white color schemes, a typical of industrial stylish small home.

GT House’s Interior Concept

Basically, the interior of GT house is minimalist and futuristic. Solid black and white are chosen as the basic color schemes which dominate the whole interior. The elegant décor with modern furniture is employed in order to make this minimalist house in Brazil look perfectly. The traditional and industrial concepts fuse into a new concept which is very adorable for a modern and minimalist house. If we take a look at the bedroom, we will find a compact bedroom design in black and white. Some chromed steel pipes are attached on the wall as the shell of the lighting wires.

The bathroom is designed so nicely. It is located at the end of the wardrobe and walk-in closet. It is very unique and adorable. Not to forget, the designer also implies elegant small kitchen idea to develop a minimalist kitchen in a narrow room covered with decorative wallpaper. GT house in Brazil is one of the most conceptual houses which consistently follow the basic concept of small house design. The studio concept makes this house is really compatible for metropolitan life. It does not only present comfort but also artistic design.

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