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Compact Scandinavian Living Room With Red Sofa Decor

Scandinavian living room is getting its popularity these days for its spectacular elements and decorative items. It combines all of various elements, such as colorful yet vivid interior, even to simple to complicated design. Therefore, the Scandinavian theme usually has strong character among other themes. It can be designed from soft sofas with striped pattern pillows and small black tables, to animal printed rug rolled out in the middle for center point, together with crystal chandelier hanging overhead.

If the living room design is made with white color theme, then it should paint walls and ceiling in white, but for flooring better to use pine wood for contrast effect. Choose light grey rug as basic decorating idea, and then place white sofas together with colorful pillow cushions and blankets. Install white book case on the wall to keep books in neat manner. If this design is too plain, then choose walls color in light yellow and use furry rug in soft pink.

Another simple alternative is to use soft brown for wall color, combined with white ceiling and wood floor. Place a white ladder against the wall filled with decorative items such as miniature, plant or flower arrangement, or some magazines or books. Use sofas which consist of black wood couch and yellowish brown cushion. On top of that place several colorful pillow cushions. Next to this sofa, add another armchair made of wood and upholstered cushion.

The basic items needed in this Scandinavian style are to use sofas, table, rug, and additional chair. It seems it does not have so much difference with other styles, but all decorative items used are in different theme at all but combined perfectly. Living room design types show that it should be in several themes instead of using just one particular style. Hence, give more attention to details, for instance when creating finishing touches.

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