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Luxury Home Corridor With Wooden Wall Room Design

Renovating a house is not an easy task; even in most cases it requires a lot of works more than building a new house itself. Furthermore, when you renovating your house but at the same time you want to renew or add more elegant design spaces, you should consider many things. For example if you want to build swimming pool beside your house. You may choose white paint color for basic and then when it is finished it will give you white and turquoise trendy pool.

For exterior, give more attention to create good atmospheres such as supporting its spacious room with natural plantation surrounding it. Facing this swimming pool, you need to add white rounded table surrounded with green marble chairs. These arrangements combined with aquatic water will sport simple yet minimalistic exterior design. Also at the same time it has vibe of elegant design theme.

Next to those turquoise pool and green seating arrangement build a spacious garden filled with green grass and trees. This additional garden is important to give you more natural effects which pool gives as well. As for finishing touch, you need to think about the lighting arrangement in order that at night it will look good. Not only in the garden, but around the swimming pool and table as well. Good lighting choice will take you to shiny and elegant looks when night comes.

As for interior you cannot forget this important side of your house. Giving décor for elegant design theme can be done by hanging chandelier-like light bulbs arrangements which put in the middle of living room, overhead. Dividing exterior and interior side in this living room can be done building sliding glass doors and large sized windows on the other side. Sticking wallpaper in wood theme is good idea too, as another item to décor in nature theme.

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