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Issue of global warming these years is still followed by many environment observers and all people in the world. Thereby, there are many people who start doing their actions in order to save mother earth. For example, there is this Japanese architect who choose plants décor instead of using one-time furniture or accessories in house. This special décor is made into large green walls protecting your house from sun heat and at the same time you save energy by not using air conditioner anymore.

Surely there are lots of plants décor advantages. First thing first, it protects your house from heat and thereby lowers down room’s temperature. In other word you will feel cooler eve when you do not use that air conditioner. Furthermore, it is more useful than to use window blinds or curtains covering your windows. It is such a fun way to support green living campaign. Thereby you already add one more source of oxygen produced plants.

Behind this green wall you can add seating arrangement to make mini bar outdoor. Use wooden benches and table painted in white color. Cover the table from dust by using table cloth in black and white checkered pattern. Put several small glasses filled with white candles which you can use when you want to have candle light dinner. Use this soothing and refreshing spot to entertain your guests or even just to share stories with them.

Even though the green wall is for exterior part, actually you can create plants décor for interior as well. Maybe it is not about planting large amounts of plants, but what you should do is to add and place many energy-saving items or at least other stuffs which support green lifestyle. For example, use many large windows to minimize usage of air conditioner, and etc.

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