Brilliant Urban Design Ideas to Apply for Your Home

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Supporting green lifestyle sometimes can be difficult. But it does not mean that it cannot be achieved. Use many used items and transform them into urban design for which you will love. This urban thing actually will give you vibes of both stylish and retro. Choose open space plan so you get wider feeling and you will change your boring house into warm and comfortable residence. Moreover, there are some tips given by designers to guide you create your own urban house.

First thing first, urban design theme will make you use those exposed finishes and materials. This also means to build large sized windows and taking concrete floors. Seal these floors to give finished look and at the same time can give you warm look for interiors. Choose soothing and muted colors to give you comfortable effect and place many furnishings in shading of wood color. Hang several chosen artworks so you fill that empty wall in order that it doesn’t look dull anymore.

Urban theme actually also means it sports rustic theme at same time. If you do not want other people see this as outdated style, you better combine it with other contemporary look, or even modern theme for best. Rustic kitchen usually has furniture in dark brown, gray and black colors. To make this space look more appealing you need to add metallic accents or by using stainless steel. Give nature accent by placing small jar filled with indoor plants.

Just one room divided by a wall is boring. Therefore, better do urban design theme décor by building your house in creative and innovative ways. This can be done with building semi-separated spaces or rooms. Instead of walls, use floating staircases, catwalks, and half wall partitions for divider. Keep it simple and personalized accents by giving finished look to those rooms.

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