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Dark Mahogany Wooden Flooring With Chevron Pattern And Round Dining Furniture Plus Chandelier Completed With Yellow Neon Ceiling Lighting

Colorful Small Apartment Design in Kiev, Ukraine

This colorful small apartment design is something very important in this era. You know people always facing space problem since two or three decades ago especially when they live in the big city like Kiev. Well, if you happen live in Kiev, there is a big chance for you to see this outstanding colorful small apartment design by yourself. This superb colorful small apartment design is created by Rina Lovko,…

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Eclectic Collection Od Dining Table Chairs Witt Corner Kitchen Design

Modern Swedish Apartment with Snazzy Scandinavian Charm

This Scandinavian apartment that has a cool and stylish design is located in a renovated 1898 building in Ostermalm, Sweden. This home presents a perfect backdrop with its pristine white and wooden floors that already have been painted in white, for the beautiful Nordic style. This apartment also has some ample natural ventilation that is spread in this 91 square meters corner. It has some large window design that is…

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Exposed Wooden Truss And White Minimalist Modern Kitchen

Elegant White Apartment in Sweden

Living in a good place always brings good impact to our life. A good example of a good place for living is represented in an elegant apartment built in Sweden. The design of this contemporary white apartment will really inspire you about a good place for living. The Exterior An elegant apartment in Sweden has very artistic exterior. The exterior is developed well to make the owner experience good and…

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The Icon And Blue Frame Glass Wall Exterior

Alexandra Federova Adds Strong Design Rhythm in Minimalist Apartment

There are so many people who choose to live in the apartment in the modern era. There are lots of apartments that offered in stylish design. For all of you who want to get inspiring minimalist apartment, you better see Sparrow Hills in Moscow. This apartment is made in minimalist and contemporary style. Actually it is 60 square meter apartment remodeling project from Alexandra Federova. As it is said above,…

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Neutral Bathroom With White Bathroom Vanity And Grey Color Floor And Walls

Breathtaking Apartment Design You Should Know

Who does not know apartment? This special mini house is good for people who live alone. Because of its limited space, sometimes applying chosen apartment design is not that easy and in most cases people do not really décor in order not to make it looks messy. But in fact, it is important to décor it enough for people to feel comfortable and like they are in their house. It…

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The Lounge Room Decor With Wall Mural For Wall Decor

Rich Tones Decorated Apartment by López Duplan Arquitectos

A gorgeous apartment located in Polanco, México City can be a good inspiration for everyone who expects to have a great house with rich and passionate red interior concept. This unique house is actually designed by López Duplan Arquitectos. Departamento Polanco is the name given to this vibrant apartment located in México. The Uniqueness of Departamento Polanco As a matter of fact, DepartamentoPolanco of LópezDuplanArquitectos is an apartment which is…

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Decorative Brown Sofa For Modern Living Room Decor

Awesome Touch of Nussberg Penthouse

The decoration of Nussberg Penthouse is based on the modern approach with the rustic elegance. It has the contemporary comfort with the bohemian setting design that would make the perfect exterior space idea. You would be able to see the exterior spiral staircase design here. It combines the natural feeling combination with the unique living design. Many people are interested to have this design with the exterior spiral model. You…

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Black And White Living Room Decor With White Luxury Sofa And Black Standing Floor Lamp

Stunning Stylish Interiors in Striking Black and White by Project Begovaya

Geometrix Design has done great project called Begovaya and they made white and black interior house concept that will make you back to the cinemas in golden era. The two tones color apartment will give a more sensational feeling rather than the ordinary contemporary design of semi minimalism. This apartment has a brilliant interior that clad in black and white that will make you feel so gorgeous and back to…

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Wall Cabinet And Low Cabinet Design For Room Decor Modern Decor Ideas

Mesmerizing Modern Design Ideas to Keep You Inspired

Have you ever considering other themes than modern design? Then you are not the only one who thinks that there are still various design themes available outside. For some people when they try implementing one design, whatever it is, they often do it exaggeratedly or just too much, the same goes for this modern theme as well. People will place many shining metallic items as they strive for giving best…

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Apartment Color Theme Unifies Instant Color Accent For Fast Decorating

Wonderful Apartment Room Idea Sports Minimalism

Never lose the chance to make all of your house types be amazing with the right design. Whatever your house is, whether it is small house, apartment room, or even studio place, you always can design those according to your taste. The apartment is special space because it does not have too much to décor, just by placing some decorative items you can make it looks good. What more important…

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