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Second Floor Plan Decor

Small Apartment with Colorful and Compact Design

If you have a small apartment, then it is does not mean that you can maximize the appearance of your apartment. Here is the idea of smart compact apartment decorated by Alan Chu. This apartment also called as AP 1211 project. You can see how smart the idea of the apartment is. Let us see the interior design of this 36 square meters apartment. When you open the entrance door…

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Details Eclectic Elements Art Work Statue For Outdoor Patio Decor

Strong Personality Touch for Better Home and Interior Design

It is common knowledge for anyone that choosing design for home and interior is made from homeowner’s preference. Thereby, this people can add personality touch to any items regarding this matter. Furthermore, somehow it has not considered finish yet just by choosing and applying one particular design theme. In another word, you need to make your house looks that it is your own residence, and hence you should give some…

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Mirror Wall Decor Small Grey Sofa Small White Table And Brown Small Wall Cabinet

Apartment Design with Smart Plan in 30 Square Meters Only

Let us see the masterpiece apartment design by BEP Architects that has a clever multi-uses area in 30 square meters only. Although it is not too spacious for your home living, but you should see, first this multi-uses apartment that shows you how smart the architect is. The main concept of this apartment is being an apartment that built as an intimate and family living space. Now, let us see…

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Small Walk In Wardrobe Modern Interior Decor

Smart Apartment Design in 26 Square Meters Room

Many people out there who do not satisfy with their 26 square meters apartment, but you should see a smart apartment design that can makes your 26 square meters apartment becomes comfort. Maybe you have a small apartment space and you do not know what to do to make your apartment looks spacious and comfort. You can follow the design idea of 26 square meters apartment in Gothenburg, Sweden. Here…

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Cool Bathroom Decor Minimalist Bathroom Decor Ideas

Luxurious Penthouse in Modern and Comfort Design

If you want to see a luxurious penthouse, then you should see a penthouse in Belgrade. This penthouse beautifully designed by Gradnja. The homeowners want to have a luxury penthouse with comfort home interior design. Gradnja tries to realize the dream of the homeowners and now you can see the masterpiece home design from Gradnja. Let us see the interior design of this luxury penthouse. You also can follow the…

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White Room Design Apartment Room Design With Modern And Elegant Style

Stunning Small Space to Accentuate Its Amazing Side

Somehow when people design their house they try to avoid this area, small space. This is because you cannot put too much things but you also cannot leave it empty. In this case, it usually happens in home and interior design. Imagine if it happens to apartment. For sure you should décor it well and in enough amounts so it makes perfect living experience, especially for those who seek for…

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Subtle Kitchen Wooden And White Theme Kitchen

Fabulous Unique Home Sports Personal Choice

There is no other house that shows homeowner’s true personality, preference, and personal taste through unique home. Unique also means that the house itself is filled with many unusual yet chic items, and not in line with trendy fashion. Build your living experience becomes meaningful by making living room with walls painted in white and wooden textures for its flooring. Furthermore, build this space next to window showing outside environment…

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Warm And Artistic Wall Decor With Formal And Classy Dining Furniture

Inspiring Timeless Theme Gives Unexpected Touches

Some items go and some others still stay in the popularity. There are items that are used to be iconic in their times, and the rest will be used for creating timeless theme for which sports fashion sense. High fashion sense and style will promise you trendy design for your home and interior. Moreover, when it comes to contrasting colors better you choose vibrant colors and then combine this color…

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