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Plans Green Screen House Section Modern Minimalist Green House Style

Brilliant Plants Décor Supporting Green Lifestyle Campaign

Issue of global warming these years is still followed by many environment observers and all people in the world. Thereby, there are many people who start doing their actions in order to save mother earth. For example, there is this Japanese architect who choose plants décor instead of using one-time furniture or accessories in house. This special décor is made into large green walls protecting your house from sun heat…

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White Sink And Bathtub With Glass Partition Shower Space Design

Net Zero Energy House: An Eco Friendly Creation of Klopf Architecture

Located in the area of Cupertino, California, NetZero Energy House is an eco-friendly house design that is already finished by Klopf Architecture. Although it can be said that there are quite a lot of inspiration that lays in this it can be said that the most prominent one is spacy home décor. As an excellent example of spacy home design, this house is decorated with bright colors everywhere, especially in…

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Colorful Wall Design Bedroom With Adjustable Bed

Green Zero Project as New Contribution for Accommodation Business

A new contribution that is predicted to be quite significant in accommodation business has been made. It is no other else but the greenhouse design architecture that is also known as the Greenhouse by Studio di Architettura Daniele Menichini. This project is known with the name of Green Zero. With small Eco house design, this building offers quite a lot of special points inside. Here are some of them. The…

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