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Classic Chandelier Hotel Dining Room Design

Top Aman Canale Grande Hotel in The City of Love

I want to tell you some information about Aman Canale Grande Hotel. It is located in Yatzer, this beautiful building is the right place to stay when you are in venice. The most popular spot in this place is called with the floating city. In this place is very romantic so that much people like to visit this place. The place is popular with the unique feature of the water…

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Qualia Resort Wonderful Bedroom Design With The Sunrise View

Gorgeous Luxury Pavilion for Your Summer Getaway

If you are planning to visit Australia, especially the Great Barrier Reef area, Qualia Resort is highly recommended for your stay. The resort offers you luxury pavilion that is secluded and the beach house for you to enjoy the Coral Sea and Whitsunday Islands fully. The building mostly uses the wooden element and combines it with neutral shades such as white and black. There is also aqua blue accent offered…

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Exquisite Villas Furnished With Gym Room

Charming Private Villa on Private Island

Have you ever wondering yourself in a small tropical island surrounded with beautiful blue ocean? No, it is not like in Cast Away where you literally get lost. But it is more likely you are having your relaxing time in a private island and staying in a private villa rather than surviving alone in a small hut. Coco Prive resort, located in Kuda Hithi Island, Maldives can be an option…

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Borderless Pool With Beautiful Beach View

Best Interior Decoration in Beachfront villa

The beautiful view of Beachfront villa has attracted people to see it. It has the magnificent design with the contemporary view on how you would get the perfect sense of decoration all the way. It is located in Thailand. This place offers such a beautiful place with the wonderful view on how you can get the perfect moment here. It provides the cozy place for people who would like to…

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Recharging Batteries Spot Relaxing Place At The Song Saa Private Island Resort

Charming Private Resort on Tropical Private Island

What can be more exotic rather than spending the summer holidays in a private villa of a private island in tropical place? If this is what you always wanted, Song Saa Private Island Resort in Cambodia can be your ultimate choice. Exposing the view of beautiful warm blue water of the Gulf of Thailand, this resort will fulfill your thirst of luxury yet exotic holiday experience. This wonderful private resort…

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Hotel Room With Home Feeling Bedroom Wooden Floor And Colorful Rugs

Pleasant Colorful Hotel for Homey Feeling

It is always nice to stay in a hotel that offers an almost home feeling. For example is 25 Hours Hotel. This colorful hotel in Switzerland offers every color in every room. With proper lighting and interiors, this hotel will make you fall in love instantly for the homey feeling flowing in the air. This beautiful colorful hotel offers bright tones in its social room, with the use of lovely…

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Villa Sapi Room Decor With Large Room Design Floor To Ceiling Windows And Floating Bed Perfect Holiday Room Design

Wonderful Modern Villa for Holidays

It is always nice to stay in a great modern villa in a tropical island during holidays. No works to do, no city rush. There is only fresh air, bright sun, and refreshing green tropical vegetation to enjoy. Thus, Villa Sapi in Lombok, Indonesia can be your choice to embrace the serenity and peace. The gorgeous modern villa combines the modern building with a touch of traditional look, reflected from…

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Chic And Basic Hotel Hallway Artistic Hotel With Spanish 60's Icon

Eclectic Vintage Hotel in Fantastic Spanish 60’s

Looking for a unique space to spend your days in Spain? Chic & Basic Ramblas Hotel can be your choice, This vintage hotel is decorated with the theme of Spanish in 60’s in every aspect: culture, society, folklore, and more. The first time you step inside this wonderful vintage hotel, you will see the iconic objects of 60’s Spain such as the first mass product Spanish car Seat 600, a…

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Bedroom Aris Caves Comfortable Grey Bed And Classic Wooden Furniture

Refreshing Exclusive Hotel with Personal Touch

The name of ‘cave’ in Aria Cave Hotel comes from the perfect transformation of old housings and lodgings into six independent cave-like studios. Located in Oia, Santorini, this exclusive hotel becomes a place you have to visit for its beauty: an extended view of Aegean Sea in a hotel that takes hundreds stairs to go up and down. Yes, that is such an effort to do. But once you reach…

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Romantic Beach Dining Space Awesome Resort Design

Gili Lankanfushi: A Perfectly Beautiful Resort You Can Find in Maldives

Gili Lankanfushi is the one that is perfect to be called as outstanding resort in Maldives. If you have a chance to visit Maldives someday, you really have to consider choosing this private resort in lankanfushi island as a place for you to stay. In general, it can be said that this resort is so full of colors, especially green, yellow, and also blue. These colors are not only found…

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