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Wonderful Relaxing Terrace Breezy House Design In Sydney With Beautiful Sea View

Top Contemporary House Displaying Rustic in Sydney

Do you know something about Contemporary House Displaying Rustic. This building is located near the seashore which makes you can relax and take some fresh air from here. It is called as the quarterdeck house which has been designed by Luigi R. The design resemble the modern residence which blends perfectly with the contemporary element designs. The location which is in the shores of little bay makes this house be…

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Warm Lighting In Modern House Design

Beautiful Residence; The Screen House, Combines Landscape and Building Design to Maximize Function

The Screen House, this beautiful residence is designed by K2LD Architects in Singapore. Serve the function of residential, but expose luxury and modernity of artistic landscape design and modern living space. All of landscape element designed to maximize this building performance, which to refine its massive geometrical from of building mass, the designer come up with curve touch of pool and additional room adjacent to it with circular and linear…

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Pool Qualia Resort Amazing Pool Design With Borderles Design Facing To The Beautiful Sea View

Gorgeous Luxury Pavilion for Your Summer Getaway

If you are planning to visit Australia, especially the Great Barrier Reef area, Qualia Resort is highly recommended for your stay. The resort offers you luxury pavilion that is secluded and the beach house for you to enjoy the Coral Sea and Whitsunday Islands fully. The building mostly uses the wooden element and combines it with neutral shades such as white and black. There is also aqua blue accent offered…

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Airy And Spacy Family Room With Beige Sofa And Ottoman Table Also Red Arm Chair With Dark Grey Rugs Below

Clean-Lined Residence Design: The Bird Nest

A clean-lined residence design seems to become one of the most famous trends in modern housing design creation. There are many superb clean-lined residence designs that you can use the evidence of that phenomenon and one of them is this lovely clean-lined residence design by Kendle Design Collaborative. This wonderful clean-lined residence design is called the Bird Nest Residence and it is located in Scottsdale, Arizona and it is indeed…

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Modern Korean House With Linear Display Around Central Garden Using Massive Glass Winows

Contemporary Building Design: GaOnJi Building in Gangnam, South Korea

South Korea is one of the most developing countries in architectural design and this contemporary building design is one of the evidences of that development. Well, there are many stunning contemporary building designs that you can find in this country, but this lovely contemporary building design is very special. This stunning contemporary building design is called the “expo town” building or GaOnJai building. This outstanding contemporary building design is created…

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Project Arc Luxury Green House

Beautiful Modern House with Arch Expression; Integrating Contour as Part of Design

This unique modern house seems to stand out from its surrounding. Arch expression put this house into a gorgeous exterior performance. This modern living space is designed by Maziar Behrooz Architecture studio, located in East Hampton, New York, USA. It’s unique, modern appearance influenced by surrounding site, of local airport and train track. Sloppy terrain encourages the designer to create it as two storey building, with comprehended approach to utilize…

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Beautiful Exterior Design And Stunning Landscape Design

Best Nature Approach on Douceur House

The concept proposed by Douceur House is one of the coziest concepts of the house decorations that rest on the simple outdoor creation. It has the best design of the architect with the two bedrooms areas within the house. The decoration is made with the outdoor landscape model that is trying to combine the ecological and also minimalist design with the extensive landscape all the way. It is combined with…

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Infinity Pool With Amazing Mediterranean Sea View

Beautiful House in Paradise

Having House in Paradise is not only in a dream. Nowadays, people create their own Paradise to build their house. Paradise here means a house located in a hill that has beautiful scenery with Mediterranean Sea if it is seen from the house. Having beautiful scenery like sea, or lake is everyone’s dream. Many people are now living in a house with building everywhere. Even the beautiful scenery is being…

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Marveolus Garden Design With Natural Stone And Long Pool Design

Best Design on Family Residence

Single family design with family residence that is designed by Oscar Mesa is one of the most amazing ideas of decorations to those who would like to get the best design with the minimalist facade design. You can now have this glass window design with the two volumes features that would make the chic and also modern touch all the way. It has the best combination between the natural and…

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