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Vertical Wall Garden With Concrete Stairs And Black Steel Hand Railing

Amazing Office Garden Bring the Unusual Greenery inside Your Office

To bring the fresh atmosphere, it is to great idea to bring in office garden. Living and work in the city sometimes you will be surrounded by office building and at one time your eyes will be craving for something green and fresh. That is why it is very important to create a garden in the office. Not just a garden but an office garden design which going to make…

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Glass Walls For Modern Office Design

Amazing Office Design with Adjusting the Factory Environment

Speaking of creating office design that will enhance the productivity is something that should be taking care importantly. Office that is filled with people should be very comfortable to stay since the worker will spend at least 8 hours inside the office back and forth. In this used to be printing factory, the office interior design is made to intensify the purity of the surrounding by having concrete pillars exposed…

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Recycled Pallet Office Design With Wood Palette Furniture Design

Alluring Recycled Pallets Office: New Way to Keep Unused items

There are things that are no longer used and become waste piles that you cannot wait to get rid of it but this recycled pallets office will make you think twice before throwing out what is seemingly like unused items. As it names, the office interior design partly are made from recycled pallets. You can easily find the pallets after you buying fragile stuff and just throw it out after…

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Small Office Building Design Using Shipping Containers

Astonishing Container Office Bring Unusual Form into Functionality

When you are looking for earthquake prone office building, maybe this container office is the perfect answer. At first it was built in Gifu, Japan where earthquakes strike now and then and that is why they will need an office that will not fall for them as concrete material would have done. Container is chosen for the light but sturdy material to adequate with the earthquake matters. Located in the…

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