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Multi Purposes Furniture Used Contemporary Minimalsit Apartment Design

Apartment Design with Smart Plan in 30 Square Meters Only

Let us see the masterpiece apartment design by BEP Architects that has a clever multi-uses area in 30 square meters only. Although it is not too spacious for your home living, but you should see, first this multi-uses apartment that shows you how smart the architect is. The main concept of this apartment is being an apartment that built as an intimate and family living space. Now, let us see…

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Warm And Artistic Wall Decor With Formal And Classy Dining Furniture

Inspiring Timeless Theme Gives Unexpected Touches

Some items go and some others still stay in the popularity. There are items that are used to be iconic in their times, and the rest will be used for creating timeless theme for which sports fashion sense. High fashion sense and style will promise you trendy design for your home and interior. Moreover, when it comes to contrasting colors better you choose vibrant colors and then combine this color…

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Rolf Ockert Design First Floor Design House Addition Ideas

Amazing Modern Approach to Implement for Unique Houses

Building home in modern approach is confusing yet challenging. Even more difficult, when you try redesigning and adding the house more living space for your family. In this case, building in many floors is recommended. Use basement floor to your family’s private space to chit-chat, share stories after long day, or just to relax a while. Choose the soothing flooring option from wood materials, and put large white sofas there…

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Office Details With Studio Design Simple And Dynamic Work Space Design

Strong Personality Touch for Better Home and Interior Design

It is common knowledge for anyone that choosing design for home and interior is made from homeowner’s preference. Thereby, this people can add personality touch to any items regarding this matter. Furthermore, somehow it has not considered finish yet just by choosing and applying one particular design theme. In another word, you need to make your house looks that it is your own residence, and hence you should give some…

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Night View Of The Infinity Pool And Cool Terrace With Warm Lighting Decor

Luxurious Beach House Interior as a Perfect Living Space

Having a beach house with wonderful beach house interior is everyone’s dream. Of course, we want to live and stay in a house where we can feel so comfortable when we are in the house. Located in Laguna Beach, California, this house looks amazing with luxurious design and furniture applied in the house. Here, we have some pictures about how lovely and wonderful the house is. Do you want to…

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