Chalet Design in Modern Style with the History of Second World War

Pink Powder Room Decor Modern Bathroom Design

If you want to visit an unusual chalet design, then you can come to Swiss. This beautiful chalet formerly was an army building in the World War II. Now, you cannot see an army building anymore, because all you can see is only beautiful chalet in the middle of snowy mountains. Maybe you will think that the chalet looks like a bunker, but if you see closer and step inside, and then you can see a beautiful chalet with modern interior design.

Let us step inside into this modern chalet design and see the interior design. From the outside, we can see an ordinary bunker building. However, if you open the door, then you can find a modern chalet with modern home furniture inside. You can feel comfort and enjoy your holiday in this beautiful chalet. If you open the main door of this building, then you can see a wooden dining table design with four modern dining chairs design. On the right side of the dining table, you can see modern fireplace design with wooden mantel. Right in front of the fireplace, you can see two comfort chairs that can make you fall asleep on the chair.

There is a king size bed near the dining table. The bedroom area looks comfort with the best combination between wooden room divider and bright pink duvet. You can find a modern kitchen sink behind the bedroom. If you want to find the kitchen room, then you should pass the corridor between the bedroom and the kitchen room. Right behind the kitchen sink, you can see floor-to-ceiling glass window.

Go to the bathroom and you can see modern bathroom design pink color. You can see a floating toilet and modern sink design in the right side of the toilet. This beautiful chalet shows you a modern chalet design idea combine with the history of World War II.

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