Charming Decorative Office with Never Ending Creativity

Bike Stations With Black Wall And Wood Table

It must be fun if we work in a decorative office. This office put many ideas in the spaces they have. For some areas, it has casual spaces. But in some other areas, it has serious spaces. But sometime, these spaces are placed side by side. This idea makes all areas seems continuous from one space to another.

As an office, it has function like other common office. It has private spaces and communal spaces. The private space is obviously for one person only. While communal spaces are used for more than one person activity, such as meeting room, interaction room, or even canteen. So in this office, you can find cubical room for particular person. But in the communal spaces, you can find two communal spaces without rigid partition. It is easy to find two meeting rooms or more in a big hall. Or you can find meeting room next to canteen, and obviously without any partition. This concept makes this building as surprising decorative office.

The decor for this office is unique as well. When you walk thorough all rooms, you will meet various style of furniture. It’s like putting all styles together in a building. But if we watch carefully, the building only contains modern furniture. You won’t find classic or futuristic furniture inside. All chair, table, stage, wall, ceiling, etc are simple as the character of modern style. Some halls have its unique by exposing utility inside the ceiling. So the hall has no ceiling. The utility such as cable and pipes are exposed.

Do you know that there is a decorative ornament that useful and placed in some places? Yes, the answer is bicycle. These are parked in the ground floor. Everyone can use these bicycles. But in some particular spaces, some bikes are placed as ornamental decor. A bicycle is placed horizontally. But a bicycle on the second floor is only lean on the wall as it is. You can use these surprising decorative office ideas in your own office.

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