Charming Park by the River: Revolution to Pollutions

Best Park Design With Shangai Houtan Park

Huangpu River in Shanghai China is the perfect example of park by the river that was once an industrial site. Lying by the side of the Huangpu River, the 14 hectare narrow land was used to be a shipyard and steel factory which lead to have left some of the industrial structure. The land and water was high polluted by the chemical waste and have a very poor condition.

But with the suitable park by the river design you can see the change that was made to create a green living and restore the live in the river and the surrounding. The key is to create ecological circle which includes the food production, water treatment, habitat creation and that is all covered beauty. The cascades and terrace is the front line of creating fresh water that adsorbs the pollutants from the water by using wetland plants and crops.

You can see the garden pathway is creating to divide the area as well as allowing the visitor to enjoy the park by the river beauty. The wooden garden pathway on one side has railing while the others eliminate the railing to create flowing atmosphere. Along the way you can see the original plants are growing and creating beautiful park landscape. You also going to see tall weeds on many parts of the area and unlike in deserted area which the weeds grown as they like in this park it was neatly arrange and creates beautiful view.

To enhance the beauty of this park, the sunflower plants also planted these. The yellow shines really brighten the surrounding atmosphere. The fascination of this park by the river itself does not stop there since you also can see the hanging garden. The plants are hanging from the ceiling inside wooden boxes. You can see more photos of the park by the river design ideas in below photo gallery.

Hanging Garden Design In Shangai Houtan Park

Beautiful Walkway Near The River

Inspiring Garden Design Of Shangai Houtan Park

Playful Garden With Eclectic Garden Type

Inspiring Garden Design Also Large Garden Ideas With Shangai Houtan Park

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