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Soft Color Bedroom Interior With Red Sofa For Fresh Room Decor

Have you ever wondering yourself in a small tropical island surrounded with beautiful blue ocean? No, it is not like in Cast Away where you literally get lost. But it is more likely you are having your relaxing time in a private island and staying in a private villa rather than surviving alone in a small hut. Coco Prive resort, located in Kuda Hithi Island, Maldives can be an option for you to get lost in an exotic tropical island for days, or even weeks.

This wonderful private villa is designed to fulfill the need of comfortable, luxury, even intimacy in a holiday. This resort can accommodate up to 12 guests with swimming pools, sand beaches, and green tropical plants to make your dream holidays come true. The interiors are perfectly matching with the outdoors, creating an open space area that allows you to enjoy the exotic view outdoors.

The interiors use mainly wooden element for the walls, floors, and mostly for the ceilings. As to emphasize the view of the beautiful Indian Ocean and lush tropical vegetation outside, rooms are equipped with the wide windows, making them more airy. The wooden element is combined well with white tone that will blend perfectly with any colors, including the excessive green and blue tones outdoors. Although, there are some colors you will find to make the room more characterized such as the lovely pink for a lovely living room for you and friends or families gather, or the bold red and shiny violet in your bedroom. And if you are tired of spending your days having fun on the beach and you need to do some exercises, there is also a gym available for you.

Overall, the main point of this wonderful private villa design is to expose the tropical vibe as much as possible. But we cannot ignore the lovely small details such as the choice of golden tone lighting, covered in stiffed yarn chandelier that will glow the light beautifully during dinner time or the unique pendant light of the living room. So, are you ready to get lost in this private island?

Stunning Details Of Bedroom Decor Of Exquisite Villas

View Over The Blue Sea And Relaxing Breezy Air From The Sea

View Pool From The Massage Room Relaxing Retreat Place In Maldives Private Island

Warm Resort View With Luxury Spacy Wooden Bedroom Exquisite Villas Maldives Private Island

Awesome Luxury With Pool Surround Beautiful Wooden Villa Vacation Exquisite Villas

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