Colorful Small Apartment Design in Kiev, Ukraine

Small Apartment Interior Decor Idea With TV Rack And Yellow Neon Ceiling Lighting Plus Colorful Living Sofa

This colorful small apartment design is something very important in this era. You know people always facing space problem since two or three decades ago especially when they live in the big city like Kiev. Well, if you happen live in Kiev, there is a big chance for you to see this outstanding colorful small apartment design by yourself. This superb colorful small apartment design is created by Rina Lovko, one of the brightest Ukrainian designers. This lovely colorful small apartment design is indeed something that will able to become such a nice example for you to see.

There are many great things of this fascinating colorful small apartment design that can be taken as a lesson or en example for your creation. Take for example the color composition. In creating a nice colorful small apartment design, the selection of the color is very important. You can follow this wonderful colorful small apartment design that use white color as the basic color of the wall and leave the colorful section into the furniture selection. This is a very great idea because logically, it is easier to change the color of the furniture by switching one to another than to repaint the whole space, doesn’t it?

The other great thing that can be taken as a lesson from this perfect colorful small apartment design is the space setting. Take a look the main space of this awesome colorful small apartment design. It consist three different house parts, the kitchen, the dining room and the living room. This is the challenge in creating such design, how to compress several small room into one big room.

That is some great inspirations from gorgeous colorful small apartment design that you can apply in your space design. Fascinating colorful small apartment design like this one is indeed something that can become a great example for any other small apartment design creation.

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