Combining Efficient and Minimalist Home Design

Minimalist Hallway And Wooden Framed Glass Window And Glass Door Ideas

All people really want to make efficient home design. They really want to save more energy and electricity. For all of you who want make same home design, you better see this house. One of small house design in Toronto, Canada is made in very different design. This house is designed by Altius Architecture and this house is made in order to fulfill the home owner dream. The home owner has a dream to make sleek, ergonomic, and efficient modern home. That is why the architect uses compact interior inside this house. As we know modern house doesn’t require complicated furniture or interior.

Minimalist Interior Design

The architect is success to make Ergonomic home in Toronto by using some energy saving strategies. The first strategy that we can see is the use of some interior furniture inside the home. The architect tries to use some materials such as combining stone and wood that will give minimalist theme for the room. Wooden accent interior and also stone add warmth and also beauty to this house. Wood will protect this house too. The minimalist interior is combined with energy efficient ideas. You better check some saving energy ideas in this green house design.

Saving Energy Ideas

Inside this house you will find some saving energy ideas. The architect tries to use green roof system. There are some LED lamps that are used in some rooms. The LED lamp will reduce the use of electricity too. This house consists of lower level and top level. In the low level, you can find kitchen and dining room. While in the top level you can find bathroom, and bedroom. There is wooden staircase before you reach your bedroom. All rooms will be made in minimalist home ideas. That is why this house is known as the minimalist and efficient house. You can see more detail information about this house when you search in the site.

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