Compact Apartment in Dubrovka with Modern Design

Lovely Interior With The Partition Open Creative Small Apartment Remodeling For Single

If you want to see a compact apartment in Russia, then you can visit an apartment in Dubrovka. Dubrovka apartment is not an ordinary apartment concept. You can see a spacious living space with no room divider inside. You only can see sliding partitions around the apartment. For you who curious about the interior design of Dubrovka apartment, then here are the explanations about the interior design of this apartment.

The first think on your mind after you step inside the room is how beautiful the concept of this compact apartment design is. You can see a contemporary apartment design blended perfectly with wooden flooring material. When you step inside, you can see a wooden kitchen bar with marble countertops in large. The design of the kitchen bar is unique and looks unusual. There is only a sliding room divider between the bedroom, the kitchen room, and the living room. This apartment has minimalist interior design with modern home furniture.

If you want to make the room looks spacious, then you can open the sliding room divider. Behind the kitchen bar, you can see the kitchen set in white color. On the left side of the kitchen bar, you can find a piano and wall rack above the piano. On the right side of the kitchen bar, you can see the view around the apartment through the glass window. On the threshold of the room, you can find the corridor to the main entrance door.

The bedroom looks beautiful in white color domination. You can see a king size bed with wooden deck. You can see two modern side tables on the right side and the left side of the bed. To make the room looks natural; they put a green plant in the corner of the room. This is the real compact apartment idea that can give you a new home living experience.

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