Contemporary Home Design: Mariam House in Valencia

Glass Handrail And Modern Staircase Also Wood Flooring With Glass Windows Surroung The Living Room

The development of modern design bring us into many new design possibilities and one this outstanding contemporary home design called the Mariam House. This stunning contemporary home design is located in Valencia, Spain. This superb contemporary home design is created by Antonio Altarriba and this house is probably one of the best contemporary home designs that you can find out there. The location, the architectural design and the space setting of this lovely contemporary home design is just perfect. That is why when you want to find a great home design creation that you want to use as an inspiration for creation this wonderful contemporary home design is probably the one that you need see.

There are many great things that you can find in this outstanding contemporary home design and one of them is the architectural design. The design is actually very simple. It is like a box house that crossly stacked. It looks like a Lego stack. This great contemporary home design is a 510 square meter two stories house that located in a very beautiful area. This amazing contemporary home design is something that can be called as a perfect dream home in the context of location and architectural design.

Most of the materials that use in this perfect contemporary home design are concrete and steel. Just like any other modern home creation, it seems that concrete and steel is the most selected material in this kind of design. Anyway, in the back side of the house, there is a simple designed swimming pool that make this awesome contemporary home design looks even more beautiful.

That was few things about the gorgeous contemporary home design in Valencia, Spain and its beauty. Outstanding contemporary home design like this one is something that will indeed make your life become more beautiful.

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