Contemporary House Design: The Depot House

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Great thing about modern design is that it can come from anything and this contemporary house design is one of the evidences of that greatness. This outstanding contemporary house design is a former small train depot that renovate by Gray Organschi Architecture and it is located in rural Connecticut, USA. That is the reason why this superb contemporary house design is called The Depot House. This lovely contemporary house design has a great architectural design and it also has such a lovely surrounding. That is the reason why this beautiful contemporary house design is often consider as one of the best contemporary house designs that you can find out there right now.

There are many great things that you can find in this gorgeous contemporary house design and one of them is the architectural design. Since it is a former train depot, it has a very unique design that coming from the initial structure, it looks like a barn. In the context of material selection, this stunning contemporary house design is very complete. You can find rock, steel, concrete, wood and glass. That is the reason why boredom is the last thing that you will get from this house even when you do nothing.

The inner part of this perfect contemporary house design is beautifully decorated by using modern minimalist style with a lot of wooden material involvement. Take for example this modern minimalist dining area. This is stunning modern dining area is equipped with minimalist wooden dining table and nice contemporary wooden chair. You will see nothing but beauty in this area.

That was little details of fascinating contemporary house design in rural area of Connecticut, USA. Gorgeous contemporary house design like this one is indeed something that will make somebody’s life become more meaningful, which is why you need to see this one.

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