Contemporary Moscow Apartment with High Value of Elegance Inside

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The combination of Catherine Emelyanova and also Nikolashin Alex in SL project created the very best Moscow apartment design. This design brings up the idea of contemporary interior design that can perfectly show the elegance of the living space. It is certainly the reason why this living space is included in the category of elegant apartment.

Rooms in Open Plan Layout

Inside this Minimalist contemporary Moscow apartment, there are actually several things that can be paid attention to. The first one is the fact that there are rooms located in an open plan layout. It means that there is more than a room located in one area in this apartment without being separated by walls or divider in this integrated rooms apartment. The rooms are living room, kitchen, and also dining room.

Special Lighting Used in the Apartment

Even some rooms in this Contemporary Moscow apartment are located in one area, it does not look narrow. It is something that is related to the use of large-sized windows in the integrated rooms. These windows are actually also the one that gives a natural source of light inside the Apartment by SL project. Other than this natural light, this compact apartment design also uses common electricity lighting that is chosen and placed in such a way. The example can be seen in the fascinating bubble chandelier located in the hallway inside this apartment. The kind of lighting system that is applied in this living area is in fact the one that gives special warm atmosphere in there. It seems to be even better because the designers also combine it with a perfect choice of interior colors that are dominated with white and some shades of brown color. All of these natural pallets are the ones that make the overall design of this apartment to be in balance.

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