Cozy and Minimalist Apartment in Moscow Created by ZE|Workroom Studio

Wooden Floor And Ceiling Living Space Decor

A minimalist apartment can also be a very cozy living space for you to live in. this is something that is proven by ZE|Workroom studio that has finish doing a 100 square meter apartment designing located in Moscow. The main thing in this designing can in fact be seen in the interior of the apartment in which beautiful color arrangement in all rooms can be seen so clearly.

Color Options in the Interior of the Apartment

As mentioned before, color mixing in the interior of this stylish minimalist apartment is something that we have to pay attention to more because inspirational ideas can possibly be obtained in it. Even blue is not really the main color that is applied in this blue color interior color is quite suitable to be called as the focal point of the interior. This blue color is applied in some parts of the apartment, including most cabinets in its open kitchen and some walls too. This color is combined perfectly with other colors, including white as major color in the interior and also brown from the wooden flooring. All colors in the living space are bright but it does not make everything too bright. Instead, it creates such a high level of coziness in there.

Furniture Choice in the Apartment

For the furniture, the designer actually chooses perfect minimalist furniture that meets the requirement of the owner that wants a minimalist apartment d├ęcor. This furniture is not only simple in design so that the inside of the apartment looks quite spacious. Instead, it is also the one that is completed with a lot of storages. It means that even the apartment brings up a strong minimalist design it will never be that hard for owner to store items and belongings. Other than that, it is also the one that makes the house perfect as a modern living space.

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