Creative Rectangular shapes for Your House

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A Rectangular Shapes is such a shape which is not too familiar for people. It is because they used to use the normal shapes like square shapes of house. It is very important for you to have more references for your house to get the outside view of your house. The beautiful scenery will be seen when you have large space. One of the design to make your house looks natural is by using rectangular shapes design.

Here, we have some picture about the design of houses in rectangular shapes. Rectangular shapes of house mostly have a large space outdoor, such as large parks, field or a lawn. In the first picture, for example the house is in the rectangular shapes with has the same large with the lawn. The house has two floors. The first floor is made for dining room, living room, and kitchen. There are two chairs outside the house. They are in plain patterns in plain brown color. The rectangular shapes of house can give you a solution to make your house more comfortable.

The lawn is really green and beautiful. There are plants and lavender in the right and left side of the house. When you sit down on the comfortable white sofas while reading newspaper, you can easily get the scenery outside. In addition, seeing the large and wide space, your eyes will be so comfortable, and you will get the relax feeling. The smell of lavenders and the green of lawn will make you want to stay longer inside this house.

The other function in having this a beautiful large space in the back of your house will make your kids play safely. Your kids do not need to go outside to play because they have already had their own field to play. Therefore you do not need to worry to lose them and you can keep controlling them inside your house while you are relaxing. Rectangular shapes Ideas, now becoming your inspiration for your house.

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