Eclectic Vintage Hotel in Fantastic Spanish 60’s

Chic And Basic Hotel Magnetic Key Rings Wall Decor

Looking for a unique space to spend your days in Spain? Chic & Basic Ramblas Hotel can be your choice, This vintage hotel is decorated with the theme of Spanish in 60’s in every aspect: culture, society, folklore, and more.

The first time you step inside this wonderful vintage hotel, you will see the iconic objects of 60’s Spain such as the first mass product Spanish car Seat 600, a huge Peseta that is transformed as a table, and very big magnetic key-rings that are used in local hostels back then. Also, do not miss the eccentric detail of the receptionist: a stack of vintage suits that is arranged to support the glossy dark brown countertop. The lobby is also equipped with beautiful lighting and colorful circular rug. All of those elements are combined real well as a surprising welcome for the guests. The snack bar is also available to cherish you in varying vintage pattern plates with tasty snacks on it. Overall, the lobby is like an art gallery, especially with the use of drapes to cover the walls.

The room doors are used as a gallery too, showing various pictures of varying issues in Spain at that era. And then, when you get into your bedroom, you will find a fresh and bright room that is painted in varying colors, such as bright mustard, light blue, bold red, and calming gray, with beige and white accents. Notice the lovely bedside table that is made of wood and painted in the same color used for the walls too and the floor that is painted in brown and coffee stripes. The bathroom walls are covered in tiny tiles with the same color as the bedroom. The circular light bulb hang on the side of the circular mirror looks really unique yet modern.

The use of drapes for this wonderful vintage hotel concept is also applied in the recreation room, where the color of white and beige are dominating. A wide mirror in one side, a billiard area, comfortable chairs, and eccentric lighting will offer you a great time.

Chic And Basic Hotel Reception With Artistic Suitcase Table

Chic And Basic Hotel Restaurant With Street View Contemporary Dining Room

Chic And Basic Hotel Warm Comfort Bedroom Decor Barcelona Hotel

Chic And Basic Hotel White Bedroom With Blue Light

Chic And Basic Hotel With Large Glass Window And Colorful Rugs Spanish Culture Hotel Design

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