Elegant Transparent Office with Lavish Environment

Cool Office Design In London With Modern Red Nuance

Deciding to move into this transparent office is a great idea. Located in a whole new building with 217,500 square feet areas that consist of six floor building is something that is really great to do. The office incorporates all the division under one roof which make more connected and efficient to collaborate together.

When entering this transparent office design you will be amazed by the dazzling red stairs in the center of the atrium. Unlike any other stairs that usually looks similar in every floor, this stunning transparent office stairs looks randomly placed in every floors. The red stairs has grey strip lines in the edge of every tread. The baluster is made from glass with metal railing decor. The whole appearance of this red stairs is very stunning.

You can see the openness and connectivity of every area in this building. In the lowest floor you will find five square lounges table which allows people connected to each other. The division and meeting rooms are built to consider the needed for stylish appearance but in the other hand also giving the privacy needed. While it is using modern furniture and modern design but you also still can see the traditional touch by having the traditional pin stripes lines that occur on the glass windows, ceiling, and parts of the walls. You also can see the rounding pattern on the edge of the ceiling.

The office is made as fun as possible with colorful office design. The lounge and meeting room has colorful office decor with yellow sofa, orange curtain and red office chairs. In the meeting room you can see the vast view of the building surrounding. The meeting room table has random six shape table top with accompany of lavish office armchairs. You can see more of transparent office design ideas in below photo gallery that will be delighted to see.

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