Excellent Powder Room Ideas Define Your Personality

Beautiful Powder Room With Chandeliers In An Elegant Bathroom

Every people in this world will spend most of their times in powder room. To design it better you need to understand what you want. It can be either in feminine or masculine which will depend on your preference. In this theme, actually there is no such thing like masculine design just for boys and feminine for girls. Moreover, in order to get the whole effect of those touches, you better watch out for arranging tones of the room.

Masculine touch, as one of powder room design apart from feminine one, defines itself as theme which brings the sense of deep and rich tones. In this matter, those dark colors of wooden materials and sleek tile are needed. Present balance details by giving more metallic features and the white accent colors given by mirror, window, and towels collection. Rich tones mean using extensive amounts of earth tones. It can be from wood, brown tile, or even granite stone can do.

When masculine touch is defined by its darker tones, feminine touch usually is related to bright colors. For example, the lavish rosy tone is used to make eclectic look, in shape of stripe pattern in red and pink colors. Furthermore, it can be also defined as elegant style and you can hang small crystal chandelier as side lamp on wall’s mirror. Make the countertop and sink from marble materials, with plush metallic tap water. Bring those cute jars which are filled with necessary items you need such as Q tips, cotton balls, and etc.

There is no better design than floral or flowery arrangement for decorating your feminine style of bathroom. Even though this touch can be added to any other powder room design types, but actually it helps to build and create the touch. You can put a vase of real pink flowers, or you can stick wallpaper to your walls which pattern is in floral prints.

Cool Powder Room Design With Colonial Vintage Bathroom With Masculine Style

Cute Powder Room Design With Feminine Striped Bathroom

Double Powder Room Design In Bathroom With Lavender Accents

Elegant Abstract Marble Bathroom With Silver Mirror

Traditional Powder Room Design In Rustic Bathroom With A Vintage Vibe

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