Excellent Study Room Model Ideas for Extra Delight

Beautiful White Attic Study Room With Wal Bookcase Decor

As one of personal and private spaces inside a house, study room to be a place for relaxing, thinking, and of course having alone time. It is kind of library room, but with more personal touches. Basic furniture and decor this room has are for instance leather chairs, library or bookshelves, and cigars. This study room also serves the purposes of creating creativity and honing skills. As for thinking place, it should be designed in comfy theme and better soothing or relaxing atmosphere.

Neutral color is good for study room design which is simple and practical to apply. Combine black and white colors into furnishings and decor, such as sofa bed, tables, desks, wheeled chairs, rug, and paintings as well. Choose the right lighting arrangement with different degrees for different purpose of study room. But, what more important is airy feeling study room should have. The reason is for people not to feel like suffocating.

Study room can be built anywhere, for instance in the attic where large window installed showing blue sky and massive amounts of natural sunlight coming through. In this design, choose pendant lamp, or even ordinary desk lamp can do because of natural light. Decorate the attic study room with all white colors. Then, choose white sofa, and white color paint for ceiling, walls, and floor. Build bookshelves in white also to better matching theme.

Meanwhile, choosing star lamps embedded in ceiling is good idea, along with large sized windows. This way lighting is minimalist but enough at night, whereas at daylight sunlight can come inside through windows. Install recessed wooden bookshelves to save more space for other furniture. This modern style study room design also has table made of wood and glass. Add zebra skin printed on leather armchair and place it at corner, together with elegant floor lamp.

Attic Room Decor With Traditional Study Room Design With Desk Lamp

Beautiful Green Landscape View In Minimalist Home Office Study Room

Cool Study Room Design With White Desk And Wall Shelves In Minimalist Bedroom

Fancy Apartment Contemporary Design Study Room With Built In Desk Decor

Contemporary Bookshelves In Beautiful Study Room With Recessed Wall Shelving

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