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A luxury villa can come in an exotic form. The combination between them, undoubtedly, becomes a perfect place for us to spend the holidays in paradise, where you can bath yourself under the sun with the view of beautiful sky and sea. If you are planning to have that kind of holidays, then Naka Phuket resort in exotic Thailand can be a choice you should consider.

Naka Phuket resort offers you a perfect place for getaway time from the stressful work and city rush with the beautiful natural view of green vegetation and beautiful sapphire sea. Staying in this beautiful luxury villa, you can choose to enjoy the view in lounge room in wooden deck or lounge area on the beach, under the beautiful palm trees. The lounge areas are also perfect to enjoy the starry night. Whatever you choose, both are offering the great view for you. Or, if you do not want to get your skin burnt further, you can also enjoy the view from a suspended living room that offers the extended view as well the use of transparent glass window from floor to ceiling.

Inside the villa, the rooms are decorated in choice of tones as for modern interiors, such as white, black, and wooden tones. The ceiling is painted in white; the floors are in wooden tone; the black tone is to contrast both colors as the walls. That combination thus creates airy and spacious spaces for either the bedroom or the living room. For relaxing times indoor, this villa offers jacuzzi in black marble tiles that can be decorated in romantic theme for romantic time with your lovely one.

This beautiful luxury villa design offers both the ambience and the spectacular yet exotic tropical view outdoors. Furthermore, the choice of lighting indoors will glow the golden tone beautifully, creating a warm atmosphere flowing in the space. With the extensive use of the transparent glass windows or rolling doors, you can have another pleasure while relaxing on the lounge area in the deck, since the lighting will be exposed beautifully to the outside. Enjoy the view while you are also enjoying the beautiful view of lights in distant islands, hearing the sounds of the waves in the night, of the beautiful starry night.

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