Fabulous Compact Cube for Vintage Look

Lot's Of Storage In The Living Cube

There is unique side from this compact cube which reviewed later that the stunning wooden decoration is also served multi functional action at the same time. This furniture design must be helpful for maximizing small size space. If people known about holiday bus that usually coming up as compact move holiday residence, this cube is another statement of simple design that providing large chance for proper function.

Take a look at this furniture shape and function that must be boosting your mood to have it one for your residence. Before we jump into compact cube detail, people must know that it made from dark wooden material perhaps teak wooden since it provided strength and durable value. Besides the shape is simply a cube, that’s the reason why it called compact cube then at the first glance, people will only see it as normal storage but when it see in details, this furniture serving some functional effect from closet, television rack, bookshelf, and shoes storage.

More than those primary functions, this thing can be used as bunk bed right on its upper side while slim metal staircase installed on a particular wing is using for climbing to the bed area. So, it must be nice to posit this furniture close to window especially bay window where the owner can locate their things such as radio, personal computer, and so on. Besides, this cube having another surprised function since it has special space inside the cube that can be designed as storage area. Paper box and another old thing can be kept in this space for making sure that the room looks tidy and neat.

Facing the cube, some items such as black plastic modern stool, monochrome floor lamp, brown leather carpet, wooden pirate storage, and transparent glass coffee are reflecting compact wooden cube detail as the best try.

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