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Bright Minimalist Interior White Living Room Decor

There is no other house that shows homeowner’s true personality, preference, and personal taste through unique home. Unique also means that the house itself is filled with many unusual yet chic items, and not in line with trendy fashion. Build your living experience becomes meaningful by making living room with walls painted in white and wooden textures for its flooring. Furthermore, build this space next to window showing outside environment so picturesque view outside can be seen.

Create spacious feeling to your home by making only few doors so it does not have too many dividers. Thus, it will give airy feeling at the same time. Softened aura can be given by adding decorations in grey, pale pink and white tones to your unique home design. Next to window, put white plush sofa for relaxing your body, equipped with colorful pillow cushions and thin checkered blanket. In front of this sofa put small table coffee to place your drink, reading books, and flower pot for maximum décor.

In kitchen area, you can use many cabinets made from wood materials. Add many drawers under those cabinets so you can put tiny or small items there in safe and neat manner. Combine the brown kitchen area by making your counter table in white and made from granite stone textures. Surely you can put several kitchen ware in here, for instance water heater, food containers, and even recipe books.

Unique theme goes along well with minimalist design. In this case you do not have to add many exotic or eccentric ornaments, instead put your favorite unique items in enough amount. As mentioned above, choosing unique home design can be done by combining with other theme. It is not only minimalist but can be any other themes you think it is suitable to combine with.

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