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House, for which its function serves as painting studio, needs to be designed in well manner, especially for the so-called gallery-style house. Surely it can be said that this house is specially built for those who have high sense of art, such as artist or painter. Meanwhile, this particular house shows inviting open rooms, which mean that it has many large sized windows as their front side, facing streets. This design also sports minimalist and spacious theme and at the same time is a semi-transparent one.

If you sometimes feel like no one should see your privacy, then you can lower window blinds, especially wooden ones. It also gives benefits to block direct sunlight so it does not feel too hot at day. At back side of this house you need to make backyard for you to take relaxation. Facing this garden, you can build living area painted in white theme and use wooden flooring. As part of gallery-style house design you need to make it has airy feeling by giving ample ventilation.

The combination of natural garden outside should be made most of it by using many wooden materials for interior inside the house. Not only that, you need to make this house border-less or sends vibe of spacious by adding many glass windows and doors instead of building walls. Give modern side by using materials from stainless steel, metals, or other items in metallic chrome color.

Connect you steps from floor to floor by building floating staircase, especially wooden ones. Furthermore, decorating gallery-style house design can be anytime by using unique items. For example, you need to add lamps arrangement in quite indifferent way, such as unique floor lamps or intriguing and exotic flowery arrangements can do. After all, good management post renovation is the most important point in this situation.

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